Track your Client Portfolios on Web & Mobile with MProfit Cloud

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How should I use MProfit?

  1. Seamlessly import your transaction data from any of 3500+ supported file formats
    Stocks: Directly import any Digital Contract Notes or Tradebook Files
    We support import of statements from 700+ brokers across India!
    Mutual Funds: Import your CAMS WBR2 / Karvy-221 / Franklin / Sundaram back-office files
  2. Click the Sync to Cloud button (top-right) and register for MProfit Cloud
    You have access to 1 free MProfit Cloud login (1 Web Browser + 1 Mobile App login)
  3. Gain detailed insights with your MProfit Advisor Dashboard on Cloud and Advisor Reports
  4. Enable your clients to view their portfolios on Web & Mobile with MProfit logins

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